"He grew up fast, worked hard at his books, watched out for his mom, and loved his kid brother more than anyone in the world. His name was Sam, and his father - a bail bondsman - was gone, too, barely leaving a trace except for his son's curly brown hair and some bluish bruises on Louise's face." - Description of Sam.

Samuel St. Cloud is the younger brother of Charlie St. Cloud at the age of 12 (11 in the film). Although he is killed off in the prolouge of the story in an automobile collision, he returns to Charlie to continue their relationship for the next 13 years at Waterside Cemetery in spirit. After Charlie soons falls for Tess Carrol, his former love interest, Sam at first is attracted by her beauty, but it soon turns to jealousy when Charlie spends more time with her. In the end, Sam understands Charlie's love for her and soon enters the other side as a changed, yet handsome young man.

Before the AccidentEdit

He was a Red Sox fan, he usually would swear.