"Charlie St. Cloud wasn't the best or the brightest boy in Essex County, but he was surely the most promising. He was junior-class vice president shortstop of the Marblehead Magicians, and co-captain of the debate club. With a mischievous dimple on one cheek, noce and forehead freckled from the sun, and caramel eyes hidden beneath a flop of sandy-blonde hair, he was already handsome at fifteen. He was a friend to jocks and geeks, and even had a girlfriend one year older at school. Yes, Charlie St. Cloud was a blessed boy, quick of mind and body, destined for good things, perhaps even a scholarship at Dartmouth, Princeton, or one of those Ivied places." - Description of Charlie.

Charlie St. Cloud is the son of Claire St. Cloud (Louise in the book) , and older brother of Sam St. Cloud. He claims that his father had tryed out for the professional Red Sox team, and that was the last him and Sam has seen him. Ever since his brother's death, Charlie has worked in the graveyard where Sam is buried.

Charlie St. Cloud

He soon meets a girl, whose life he ends up saving.

Before the Accident.Edit

"Charlie believed that he was the only true protector of his little brother, and that someday, together, he knew they would make something of themselves in the world." - Description of Charlie and Sam's relationship


Before the accident, Charlie had a great life. He was popular at school, and was very successful. He and his brother were very close. One night, while their mother had to work late, Charlie snuck himself and Sam out to a baseball game at Fenway Park. They had to steal their neighbor Mrs. Norman Pung's car (a Ford Country Squire) to get there.


Before the accident, Charlie graduates from high school. His mother is working a an extra shift, in order to pay for Charlie's college tuition for Stanford University. After she is gone, and Sam is watching Television, Charlie sneaks out to go to his best friend, Timothy Patrick Sullivan's going away party. He is then caught by Sam, and forced to take Sam and drop him off at his friend Tommy's house.